Corporate Capabilities of Tellus Consultants Ltd.

Facilitating community environmental science

  • Indigenous People Liaison & Public Consultation
  • Tongan, French, English, German Languages
  • Planning & Facilitation of Land-Care Groups

Multimedia for environmental education

  • Video Production (all phases)
  • Web site design and management
  • Computer graphics and
  • Professional still photography (terrestrial and underwater)

Fact-Finding and Reporting

  • State of the Environment Reports
  • Audits of existing or completed projects
  • Field and Literature Surveys
  • Synthesis papers

Community Development

  • Human Health and Environment
  • Sanitation, Water Supply and Public Health Engineering
  • Risk Assessment and Abatement of Hazardous Waste Issues
  • Large Scale Project Management
  • Daily management of project execution

Resource Management

  • Environmental Impact Studies and Assessments
  • Resource Policy Making Skills
  • Resource assessment and monitoring
  • Resource Consent Monitoring

Teaching and Training for resource management

  • High School and University teaching credentials
  • Training courses for indigenous people
  • Training courses for government officials
  • Design of resource assessment and monitoring
  • experiments for public and school involvement

Special Skills

  • Water Quality Testing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Water Supply Engineering
  • SCUBA (PADI registered trainer)