Fact Finding and Reporting

It pays to be to know what has already been done, what the real problems are, what works and what doesn't. To find out, our consultants review the literature, check on-line information resources, subscribe to professional news groups and list servers, interview key people, and go and look for themselves - just to be sure.

Before making any serious plans or commitments, let us find out the facts for you.

A sound plan requires:

  • Advance knowledge of the existing problems and potential solutions.
  • The key players - the ones that can really help and the ones that can block your best intentions.
  • Good, measurable way-points to be sure your plan is working, and someone to check.
  • A review to find out if the project did what it was intended to do.

Tellus Consultants Ltd. can assist with these needs and present the results in a form that people can understand.