Community Development

Our goal is the well being of human beings in biologically balanced environments.

Sustainable improvements in communities and their environments depend on many essentials:

  • Adequate food, water, clean air and shelter.
  • A method to safely dispose of wastes.
  • Affordable and environmentally safe energy.

Water supplies, sanitation, energy, building materials, and hazardous wastes are all critical issues for the Pacific Region. In the coming years water will be an increasingly important issue. Community understanding and participation has proved to be essential in resolving water supply issues - and our consultants have helped prove it.

Tellus Consultants are also experienced in working with conceptual site models and deterministic and probabilistic risk assessment models to determine fate & transport of chemicals of concern, and potential carcinogenic, and non-carcinogenic effects of contaminants on human health.

On many Pacific islands there is serious chemical contamination of environmental media that goes largely unrecognized. This will become a high profile issue in the not too distant future. Tellus Consultants have the capability to define and abate these critical problems.