Tellus Consultants Ltd. Support Services

  • Compiling essential information on how to promote environmental improvement projects for land, fresh water and marine resources.
  • Organizing and conducting environmental improvement projects, including workshops and training of trainers.
  • Evaluating current or past environmental programs to improve on-the-ground environmental improvements and increased community participation.
  • Conducting and evaluating environmental impact assessments, resource surveys, hazardous site clean-ups.
  • Producing computer aided training materials on how to do environmental improvement projects.
  • Assisting governments in forming active partnerships with schools, community groups, and NGOs for resource assessment and monitoring programs.

How can we help you make a difference?

The Pacific Basin has a wealth of different cultures scattered over a huge geographic area. Our consultant group is an association of senior scientists with extensive experience in environmental programs throughout Oceania. For more than 20 years, the members of our group have been instrumental in achieving on-the-ground environmental improvements in many parts of the Pacific Basin. We live and work in the region and are familiar with the people and the governments of most of the island nations of Oceania.

The South Pacific has seen a vast number of worthy projects - both commercial and assistance programs - falter and vanish without a trace. Environmental programs have seldom changed the way people behave and unsustainable resource use, and pollution problems, are greater now than 20 years ago.

Tellus Consultants would like to assist your organization in making sure your efforts provide a lasting improvement in the environmental, social and economic environment of the South Pacific.

Follow-up is critical for a successful project. Before the days of Internet and email it might have made good sense to work with consultants who live in metropolitan areas close to your organization's home base. But this has also contributed to the low success rate of assistance - and commercial - programs in remote regions of the Pacific. Our members have been in the South Pacific Region a long time. We know the ropes. We also don't have to fly half-way around the planet to work on your South Pacific program.

Teamwork can provide information and perspective.

If you need facts from many parts of the Pacific, our team of consultants and associates, who live in the different parts of the Region with numerous contacts and associates, can provide your information needs without you having to pay large travel fees or wait for a single consultant to travel from country to country.

Having experts from several scientific and social disciplines work as a team on your program will improve the chances of its success.